Do you think guys that are shorter are weak and less masculine?

okay i am 5'8 and i weigh 200 pounds. i have a 5% body fat and can bench over 300 pounds. i also do mma i have a black belt in muay thai and a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsui. i have always been self concious about my height i stopped growing at 14 and started to notice that a lot of guys and even girls were taller than me. i have always hated being below average height. so i have always had to overcompensate for my height. in high school i did cross country and did ice hockey and rugby. i have also felt that people always viewed shorter guys as less masculine and less strong. but i also have had to make more of myself and make myself be tougher and stronger so i do bodybuilding and i do mma. and i also fight guys that are a lot taller than me. the shortest guy i ever had to fight was 5'10 and i knocked him out in 30 seconds i have fought and beat up a lot guys that are over 6 feet in mma. i have always wished i was taller so i could be more confident around girls because it seems like girls all want guys that are over 6 feet and wanna be with guys that are always taller than them. so i am just curious if you think guys that are shorter are weaker and less masculine than taller guys


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  • No, height isn't something you choose. So nope.


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