How long does it take to get a low body fat shredded look?

Im fat right now not really fat but fat muscley. No abs but you can tell I lift. I want to get down to about 6 or 7%. I'm prly at 18 right now. How long does it take.. I'm eating nothing but clean foods good protein and minimizing carbs.


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  • Well it took me like 3 years to get to a freaking four pack but dince you're a guy it might take 2 with insane dedication but you might want to bulk up your abs first then cut because when you cut you loose a little muscle too. I suggest keto for a cut 😅 currently drinking muscle milk hot cocoa

    • Lol I've been lifting for four years now I definitely have the foundation. I just want a more aesthetic look. I'm hoping it will take me about 6 months or so.

    • Oh ok then you yould have to cut and do more cardio. 6 months will probably work. Again i suggest KETO for a cut but im a physco when it comes to dieting

    • Lol should of seen my meal prep post a couple days ago. Yeah I need to cut. Want to look aesthetic and shredded.

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  • Why do you want to be 6%, you know you'll feel like shit right? Trust me, I've done it and it's not easy or fun trying to maintain that body fat. Try aiming for 10-12%. If you track your macros, you can cut in 8-16wks. May take longer for you at 18%.

    • Don't have time to count macros I just eat healthy foods when I'm hungry. Solid proteins and minizming carbs.