Guys, can you handle your ex telling you about her current boyfriend, or asking what you think about him? if you were remaining friends?

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  • If you're friends with an ex it's important to keep them informed if you have a new someone in your life. It's respectful to your partner and your ex. It also helps avoid trouble. However venting about current relationship issues, or gushing and going in to all sorts of detail about your new partner to your ex should also be avoided. I know people talk to their friends about this sort of thing... But due to the history it's more respectful to your ex if you keep the talking about your new partner to a minimum. If an issue you are having with them was similar to one you had with your ex and you want advice and insight that could be different... Or if something big happened like a pregnancy or an engagement it probably should be you that informs the ex you are still friends with... But other than that they should just kinda know that you're with someone now and leave it at thay.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No, I wouldn't.

    • Ok thanks for your opinion! That's what I was thinking to tho.

What Guys Said 3

  • If we're going through the trouble and maintaining a friendship, there are things you just don't talk about.

    • thanks for your opinion! That's nearly exact how I see it. So it's not just me.

  • Yeah I'm completely fine talking about him or her love life. I have no romantic feelings for her.

  • Why are you talking to your ex? Cut her off.

    • I know! But she was my friend before anything and the break up wasn't horrible. Plus I'm sure I have lingering feelings. So I thought we could remain friends but...

    • Cut her off. Sorry, it's the best thing to do.