Why all the time have some black or men of other race attacking some white guy? It's jealousy and hate? Why people are brainwashed to support them?

Well, look at all over these years, in all racial opportunities of the media, the white is allways the race attacked, the race mocked, the race portrayed like the evil or bad and blacks by default portrayed as innocent or good, the media try to seek for news of cops against criminals and hide crimes of blacks against innocent people, hate crimes, in higher proportion and higher number even having more white people than blacks, they invent every kind of excuses for blacks, they always try to boycott or undermine white guys as a male, try to put white guys being bad to please the ego, fantasies, and fetish of blacks or any other men who don't want to see the women of the same race than them with white, have default support because of the self-hate loser anti-white culture who americans trying to look "anti-racist" make to put blacks and all others who are smart pampered to take advantage.

Do you know why have so much less proportion of white guys in these kind of websites? Because they always know these websites are flooded by blacks and other pampered haters who will make thousands of race questions against them, trying to create racial fantasies and disguised hate against them, and they will have support of the anti-white haters and some dumb naive random whites who don't understand how the anti-white racial affirmation injustice work to please haters.

Think in this, white guys are the only race of men with thousands of official anti-white American videos, musics of the own blacks, everything made to try to attack the white, to shame the white, trying to demoralize the white, to try to portray the black good, to try to pleafrygv7r9se the fetish of the black against the white, to try to humiliate the white to please the hate of the black based in lies, double standard, injustice, blacks are pampered, don't believe in the bullshit of politically correct news media and websites who are biased and anti-white racist in a criminal level of manipulation of reality

Why all the time have some black or men of other race attacking some white guy? It's jealousy and hate? Why people are brainwashed to support them?

And when have something of white + white don't matter because every racial opportunity, every recorded, invented, created thing in the other videos, movies, social engineering, biased news, everything, always were with the white being attacked, mocked, portrayed bad, always trying to please the hate of the black against the white, how many racial things were made against white? While blacks have every kind of racial hate thing against white, whitesx only have other movie being friend of blacks.
You don't know that blacks commit the majority of crimes, who thousands of hate crimes are hidden in biased news American media who want to seek for cops against criminals to try to portray whites bad because the great possibility of the black being criminal and the cop white is perfect, you know that blacks really commit much more crimes against white and other races? In San Francisco 90% of crimes of blacks against other race are reported be against Asians too. Media opposite world politics.


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  • This post could have been organized better and proposed in a more intelligent, logical way. Your thoughts are pretty scattered therefore slightly hard to follow. You also seem to be passive aggressively using this delusional notion to bitch, whine, generalize, and stereotype Black men and Black people. Based on the idea you attempted to put out there, here's my answer...

    White people are commonly being portrayed in a negative way because society is finally beginning to acknowledge how truly parasitic a majority of whites have been since they first got to America. Black people are not the only ethnic group of human beings that an excessive amount of white people have negatively effected. The idea that this is just a white-Black issue suggests that you are racially illiterate, racially oblivious, socially unaware, and completely unrealistic about the way many whites have leached off of VARIOUS ETHNIC GROUP's culture, hard work, and individuality for their own profit and gain without giving credit where it's due. You seem like you need to do some self-education before you try to have this conversation.

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