Can a landlord charge 3 times the rent?

Meaning a landlord is saying my monthly income has to be 3 times the monthly rent?


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  • they dont charge you 3 times, they just want your income to be 3 times so they know you can afford to pay the rent every month.

    • I know that but even without making that much I can afford what they are asking. . I just asked the housing authority and they just said it's illegal. . I make more money than the people so I think they're just come up with an excuse not to write to usme up with an excuse not

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    • im pretty sure its not illegal. literally everyone does that. way too often they have to deal with people who sign a lease and then can't afford to pay for it. it causes a lot of issues so they just want to make sure that you make enough so that you'll still be able to pay every month even if some unexpected thing happens, as in life usually does. also, not trying to be rude but i do have a life. im not on here all day checking all my opinion comments, so i can't really respond to everyone right away all the time.

    • I have a life too

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