Can a dream lead to a realisation?

Last night, i had a dream about my girlfriend and i was looking up to a house in my town and there she was. She wasn't alone though; there was a guy with his arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her on the neck. As soon as i saw this, my heart just sank. Although it was just a dream, i felt utterly heartbroken and i REALLY could feel it. When i woke up, i realised that my girlfriend is the one and i don't ever want to let her go. Was this the meaning of the dream or was it just a random brain process? Was my realisation purely because of the dream?


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  • yes its possible.


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  • According to some people (myself included), dreams can
    indeed cause a sudden understanding.

    Dreams are part of your subconscious mind
    and will often reveal something about yourself
    though they more often tha not, "speak" in riddles.


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  • Aww that's really sweet. I think the dream was a signal tbh and your mind's way of saying that she is the girl for you and that you should never let anyone/anything come between you.


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