Do you know a good site to find homes and apartments for lease in boston?

I couldnt find one.


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  • Boston Is One of the Most Expensive places to live, maybe just as much as the Big Apple.
    Try a Real Estate agent but I think you will find that it is going to cost you plenty to live somewhere and if you Do decide to take this ride to reside there, make sure you yourself makes a pretty penny.
    Perhaps you could also Inquire with this agent about Places surrounding the outskirts of Boston that May be Better for your pockets without living somewhere where you have to be afraid of being Pick pocketed.
    Good luck. xx

    • Actually i dont have much , where do u think is the best place to live in boston , where its not too much expensive and safe , by the way i always like your answers.

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    • Thank you 😊

    • Good luck and so welcome. Boston is gorgeous and although expensive, it is at least nice to visit.:)) xxoo

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  • try craigslist..


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