What's your opinion on grown men who eagerly take opportunities to gang up on women?

Personally, I always believed it was an indication of extreme weakness and cowardice to gang up on anyone. Whether it's someone being physically jumped or someone waiting for a person to have a problem with someone else before they decide to get bold and vocalize their issue. Recently, I experienced a situation where a grown 25 year old man, who is a quarter of a centurly old therefore expected to possess a greater measure of maturity and integrity, attempted to smear my character and gang up on me as an attempt to passive aggressively soothe his wounded ego from a previous situation. What do you think that says about him? What can you infer from a grown adult who conducts himself in such a poorly developed way?

  • Grown men doing that is weak and cowardly.
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  • The question as to whether or not these men are "real men" can be answered in completely different ways depending on if we are talking about society's views, or the views of our primal instincts.

    If we are talking about society then, yes, these men are cowards and are weak because they are ganging up on a defenseless woman. Society views these men as pigs and encourages us to do the same.

    But lets have a look at the female psyche for a second. Specifically at the younger girls where their primal desires have the most influence on them. What do you notice? A staggering number of these girls are into psychopaths. More specifically; killers and RAPISTS. You see this all the time where the dominant, sadistic killer is the most popular among the young female audience in most situations. Now I'm sure you're saying, "but those girls are just immature." To which my answer would be, "True." But that doesn't change the fact that it is in this time of their lives that they are most in touch with what their genetics are telling them to go after. And what do they go after? Guys who do and, more to the point, take what they want without any regard for the feelings of others. It's in these girls' programming. They are designed to go after the male who's not afraid to rough people up to fight for his freedom to do things. Why do you think so many women got so infatuated with that serial rapist and drug dealer who got arrested? It's because, to many women, these men are the real men.

    • Not quite. It's not about "real men". My post doesn't imply or state anything about what a real man is. It's about the fact that by the age of 25, your behavior should not resemble that of an underdeveloped preteen girl. You seem to have used my post to voice your thoughts about a different topic

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    • Thank you lol. But I don't need THAT ind of attention.

    • riiiight! plus those thangs take waaaay too much work and time lol

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  • Is this really bothering you? Is it worth worrying over? He won't be the first...

    • Not necessarily bothered. Just curious how others perceive the situation. Very wise point though :)

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What Guys Said 5

  • I duno, what do YOU think of shit stirring women who canvas the GaG community for sympathy with a victim sign around their neck? lmao

    • To be quite honest, you are more of a 'shit stirring woman' than any other female I've seen on GAG. There's no victim here sweetie, just informing the GAG community of what type of grown men are lurking here.

    • The asker is a passive-aggressive shit flinger herself, the irony of this entire thing.

  • well everyone is different, we expect older people to be more graceful with situations like that but ehh I don't expect anything from anyone cause even mature adults have their slips.

  • I guess I feel the same about them as I do whiny women who insult a person's masculinity to get them to stop doing something.

    You need to either learn how to deal with criticism or stop posting your opinions because, sorry to say, you're not invincible nor should you expect to be treated like a delicate flower.. especially online, of all places.

    I don't look at them as cowards since that's stupid, but I do look at you like you're a baby crying to everyone to gain a feels boost. Grow some balls.

    • @Nuqood First of all, don't go talking shit about me and smearing my character when I have done nothing to you nor have I ever disrespected you. You are a complete and total stranger whom I have never interacted with so you need to humbly accept when you are making a SPECULATION, NOT SPEAKING A FACT.

      Get your facts straight instead of arrogantly pretending that your assumptions form the full story. I wasn't simply 'criticized'; someone was harassing me and trying to cyberbully me. It's not about being treated like a 'delicate flower' but about not having two nasty ass grown men gang up on you and try to cyberbully you. I don't appreciate your unempathetic, disgusting, nasty tone where you dismiss my point.

  • Honestly, for a grown man to act that way means that he is extremely immature. Sadly we still live in a time where grown men AND women act like they are still back in high school instead of acting as adults

  • Maybe he just thinks your a bitch. Him giving you shit just means you're on bad terms with him.

    • There's no bigger b*tch than his mother for allowing something so disgusting to waste our oxygen supply :)

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    • I don't have to meet his mother to acknowledge that she failed in creating a certain type of man. It's not a character flaw, it's an honest observation.

      "Character flaws like that are why people probably want to stab you. " WTF No one said anything about stabbing me but YOU. I don't condone psychopathic, crazy comments like that in my environment.

    • By the way, your name and profile pic where you mock people with addictions is absolutely disgusting.

What Girls Said 2

  • But women ganging up on men is fine?

    Grow up. You're just mad that some guy wronged you, so you cry victim and hide behind your gender. That's pathetic.

    • Where is there a group of women ganging up on men? And where precisely did I state that it is fine or acceptable for women to gang up on men?

      I'm not mad about being wrong, just curious how other people perceive the situation. It's not about crying victim or hiding behind my gender so you should really clarify and get your facts straight before you express assumptions as facts.

  • I'm not surprised when anyone under 40 acts like dumbfuck tbh