What was PURPOSE of WORLD WAR1,2 ? Why was it needed?

what was PURPOSE of WORLD WAR1,2 ? Why was it needed?


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  • World war 1 was about countries joining sides in the wake of the archdukes assassination
    World war 2 was about the rise of German nationalism and the effort to destroy it


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  • What do you mean ''the purpose''?,

    In the simplest answer i can possibly put this, the major 'event' that triggered world war 1 was the assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.
    (Man on the right)

    After WW1 ended in 1918, The Allies (Mainly France) imposed debts on Germany for 'causing the war' that were horrific. It involved Germany paying stupid amounts of money (Which were so massive, Germany only finished paying them in 2010, 92 years after the war) and France also occupied a part of Germany called ''The Rhineland'' (The bit of Germany next to France) Which was where almost all German industry was, and France basically seized it.

    So, This meant German people had no jobs, no money and no food, and couldnt pay back the debt, let alone have a decent life (6 Million people were unemployed and Germany experienced some of the worst hyper inflation in history, money literally became so useless kids were playing with them like lego's, and people used money as wallpaper)

    So, Needless to say, The German people were MASSIVELY pissed off they were being punished so harshly for a war they didn't even want, This led to extreme actions needing to be taken, And, Adolph Hitler was an extreme guy who wanted to shit on the 'Treaty Of Versailes' (The document that was causing all these problems).

    So, Adolph Hitler got into power, He Re-occupied the Rhineland again, Lowered unemployment, Put the nation back to work, Fed his people (You know, Hitler was actually a very very very good politician).

    Hitler then claimed Austria (Which became part of Germany) and also west Czechslovakia (The ''Sudentenland'') and the allies did nothing about it.
    Then, September 1 1939, The Germans invaded Poland, And the British and France, (Not wanting to look weak) stepped in and basically said ''Dont worry france, We will help you!'', Then france got fucking steamrolled by Germany, Then France got Steamrolled in just 5 weeks, Then there you have it, WW2 has begun.

    • to add to the reason for ww1.
      Before ww1 there were a gradual increase in the military powers. Basically the opposing nations looked at eachother and always tried to have the upper hand (kind of like how USA and USSR acted with their nukes during the cold war).
      And the assasination that started it all was a rather localized conflict, but bcause of the European nations having allied different sides, the assasination and following war put them in a dilemma; according to treaties they were supposed to go to war because the other side attacked their allied country. And so they did. Thus a small and rather local conflict quieckly developed into the real fronts of ww1.

      Just to fill in some more details :)

    • As I seem to recall, although war reparations are often pointed to as one of the causes of Germany's aggression, the actual amount and the terms of the treaty weren't really all that onerous. Germany's manner of funding the war, it's lack of new taxes and the taking out of post-war loans have been suggested as important factors in Germany's financial instability prior to world war 2. However the imposition of reparations was seemingly taken poorly by Germany, and it would have provided a good scape goat as it were for the problems in Germany.

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  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_World_War_I


    TL;DR: World War 1 was caused by imperialism and rising political tensions over territorial disputes and economic factors. The punitive treaties at the end of the war sowed resentment which allowed facism to rise and begin aggressive expansion in Europe, prompting democratic powers to respond.

  • Wars don't have purpose, they aren't needed, they have necessary conditions and precipitating events. For example, the necessary conditions for WWI were rampant nationalism, Europe divided into two alliances of roughly equal strength, a system of reserve armies which once called up could not easily be stopped and confidence on both sides the war could not last long. The precipitating event was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.