Why do some girls with long hair consistently hit people with their hair?

If someone wants to flip their hair, who care less? Do you boo. However, it's very annoying when I get hit with peoples hair. It's rude! You could have lice, dandruff, etc. I don't want your hair touching me.
Some random girls do it than give you the stink eye. For example: I was in Meijers and some girl flips her hair onto me and rolls her eyes. She doesn't own Meijers. When she owns Meijers than she can flip her hair on people. Until than respect peoples space.
Also I'm starting to feel like people have something against girls with naturally curly hair. Everytime I see a girl rolling her eyes at me she has straight hair and constinetly plays with it to get my attention. Guess what? I love my sheamoisture smelling, twist out, thick, curly hair! I have enough respect not to flip it on people. I rarely see curly girls doing it tbh.


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  • Girls who play with their hair don't realize they are flirting if they do
    it in front of guy or if they like girls and do it around girls that means
    the same things ,


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