I'm sad and I don't know what to do?

I'm overweight due to a health problem no matter how fucking hard I try to lose weight even through drastic measures nothing is working and like I have absolutly no confidence and self esteem but I don't let people know that and it honestly hurts me because people love to laugh at me and disrespect me when all I do is respect them. I don't know what to do or how many more time I can break down like I constantly do after school 85% of the time

my parents don't understand how I feel inside. They always tell me and expect me to automatically stop giving a fuck but I can't bc I'm sensitive and its not that easy to just stop


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  • Meditate (seriously amazing)

    And on the losing weight part... You will lose it if you try hard enough... Are you lowering your calories and being patient? Because that's what it comes down to.. At least a 500 calorie reduction (3,500 calories = 1 pound) so every week by lowering your calories by 500 would make you lose 1 pound a week and should notice a difference between 4-6 weeks.

    Just don't give yp


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  • just because you can't lose weight doesn't mean you can't still make ur body look a little bettr, if thats what ur worried about.
    can you fix the health problem or is it something that not fixable?
    people are mean. especially in junior high and high school. when you get older, you won't have to deal with it so much. people are more accepting and open minded when they get older.
    whateer they are saying to hurt you, they are only saying to make themselves feel better dont let it get to you. they suck!