How do I delete or hide purchased apps from in iTunes?

I have had android all my life. This is my first apple phone, thought I'd give it a try at least once... and I can say I'm not so happy lol. One of the problems I am having is I have tried a few apps that I didn't like so I deleted them from my phone. I have a 6 plus...
Well they are still in my "purchased" apps and I can see this becoming cluttered and full which I dislike.

Why is there not a way to just delete them from this? I tried to google it and they all say go onto iTunes not on your phone, to go on there w/o a device connected yadda yadda yadda still no answer.

iFail lol. I don't get the hype for these phones. Please help if you can. Thanks.


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  • Hold your finger on a app you want to delete, after a sec or so all apps will start to shake abd there shouls be a little minus next to it to delete it.
    If im wrong im sorry as i dont know if anything changed with the latest apple software

    • This by the way is on your "dashboard" outside of any app

    • Nvm i can't read LOL i thought your quesrion was about deleting apps, that what you actually asked : no idea :o

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  • if you talking about apps just hold it and click X. but if in app purchases you can't sorry =/

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