Girls, can you help me? I'm having bra size trouble?

I have been wearing a 30i and while the band fits great, the cups are little small and they spill out the top and center and are just not fully enclosed. My measurements are;

Underbust: 30inches
Bust: 37 inches
Overbust: 32 inches

please help me out, I look like I have 4 boobs in this size XD


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  • Wow. Yeah it def sounds like you need a larger cup.

    This is how I measure for my bra and it's really helpful

    • I've been doing it wrong! Turns out, I have a 39 inch bust like the girl in the video and I'm likely a 30G in UK sizes.

    • I had the same AH HA. I really hope that makes it easier to find something!

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  • wear the next cup size up.