Forehead feels burnt after wearing a hat?

I wear a wide brimmed hat and when I sweat the band around the hat literally sticks to my forehead for some reason. Also the hat is mesh for good ventalation and I noticed that about half and inch or so of my forehead shows through the mesh, so I don't know if maybe my forehead is irritated from the sweaty band or maybe it's sunburned from the upper portion of my forehead being exposed by the mesh? My forehead doesn't look burnt. I wear this hat for several hours and have never had this problem until I bought this hat. All the other times i've just worn a ball cap and never had it stick to my fore head.


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  • You just got irritation.


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  • You may have a mild allergy to the fabric/textile in the band or a chemical it was treated with. Something similar has happened to me. You can put something between the band and your skin (like a strip of cloth); that may solve the problem, but it's hard to say.

    • I'll try that. I might just put it in the washer first and see if that washes off any chemical they put on.

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