Why would a mother?

Why would your mom uses your weaknesses against you? I'm afraid to share any of my feelings and failure with her because she will throw them back in my face. She will not discuss women problem or boy problems with me. I had to go to my dad. What's wrong with my mom? I can't believe she does me like this. I keep a lot bottle bc I can't go to her as a woman. Some things I'm embarrassed to tell my dad. I can't tell my mom bc she will use it against me. Why would a mother do that to her daughter. Another thing she does is she never likes to take pictures of me and wants my hair short. What's her problem?

I told my dad that the guy I like is ignoring me and the next day my mom was telling me let me call my baby which is my dad I'm like ok like to make me feel sad or jealous bc the guy I like is ignoring me
It's like she wants me to fail or she wishes bad on me secretly


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  • Although it's usually taken for granted that parents love their kids, there are exceptions. Your mom is among them. If she hasn't liked you or approved of you until now, she probably never will. Can't really be sure of the reason, or they may not even be one.


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