Why did my roommate knock on my door?

He knocks on my door out of nowhere telling me that a job is hiring around the corner and what they're paying. In the past he's expressed he's attracted to me. I stopped talking to him or being around him once I discovered that. He's an unattractive Mexican in his 50's, too old. I just feel like he's annoying and salty meaning bitter that I don't want him. I paid my rent on time there's no need for him telling me about jobs hiring. What do you think?


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  • Just to see or talk to you

    • im in agreement he knows you dont want him so he is taking an excuse to be able to see and talk to you

      you should find it flattering at least a little, even if you dont want him around, at least he has some guts

    • I totally agree with both those comments.

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