Big Arse Corner Lip Pimple?

This isn't really a question. Or, well, it is. But one of curiosity, not 'oh my god help me! My vanity refuses to let me have a single pimple! Waaaaaaahhhh!!!'


No what I want to know, is have you ever had one of those giant arse pimples in the corner of your lip, you know, where your lips join, and where you always end up with food sitting because it's too lazy to just get in your mouth already.

I'm asking this because I found one there two days ago, and it made me think of when I was a little younger (bout four years ago) and I managed to pop one of these pimples in the middle of class and I came on top with just this little ball of pus. Quite a hard ball, mind you. So I flicked it away, don't know where it landed but hopefully it landed on the arsehole sitting in front of me.
Anyway, I just managed to pop it today, abotu an hour or so ago, and I once again came out on top with, you guessed it, a little ball of pus.

I know pus to some people is disgusting, and no I don't much enjoy it, but I'm popping pimples so often I've gotten used to it and am now slightly fascinated by the process of this white anomoly coming out of my face.



What is your experience with these kinds of pimples?

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tell me how bad it is to be continuously squeezing my face. I am aware. I am very aware. I cannot help it. The moment I started getting pimples I had my stepmother barking at me to sit in front of her and lean my head back so she could attack my pus filled face. It took me a while but even though I knew it was bad to pick your face, I began popping my own pimples because it hurt a hell of a lot less, and if I did so, there was less chance of her wanting to do it for me.
I was very willing to risk scarring my own face, than allow her to do it for me. The worst part wasn't the pain though, it was having my older brother staring at me while she did it, and pointing out the ones she missed. Damn him.
And now it's just a really bad habit that I cannot shake.

  • I get/got them, they were so annoying.
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  • I have no idea what you're talking about.
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  • Pimples are so fascinating, like, I really understand where you're coming from.
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  • Ew. We're talking about pimples now? Gross.
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  • Eh, I never got many pimples.
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  • I got pimples, but not the ones you're talking about.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Thank you for ruining the delicious cheesecake I was eating.

    I might have to actually set a time and place to fight you IRL.

    • Hah, I'm sorry. I'd feel worse if I actually liked cheesecake, but as it is I am just laughing at your pain.

      Heh, my bad. (Totally not sorry at all)

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    • Oh I am far from being restrained right now. Though you probably wish it weren't so.

    • Nah I'm just thinking why haven't you fought me yet like you boasted about when I've dropped vegemite on your head and called you a sheila.

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  • I used to get them frequently. Use Equate soap for scrubbing my trouble spots now and it helps 1000%!

    I also had a scarred area on my left cheek for years but that was all buried blackheads. Once those were popped, the skin went back to normal. Had plenty of the big ones on my lips too

    • They're horrible.

      I manage to find all the buried blackheads and pop them before they get to that point. Can't say the same for the ones on my back sadly.

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    • No. I know my mum would pop them for me, but my stepmum kind of ruined the whole let somebody else pop your pimples for you idea.
      So, yeah.

    • There are dermatologists on YouTube that show you how to pop them safely

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