This is what I texted my roommate do you think it's getting to the point?

He's a desperate and lonely 50 year old Mexican man who has expressed he's attracted to me in the past. Once I realized that I became distant towards him. I feel like because I'm cordial he thinks he still has a shot and is somehow just waiting until I give in because I'm convinced in his mind he thinks I'm playing hard to get. Well yesterday he knocks on my door and tells me that a job is hiring and the pay and I didn't open my door I talked to him through my door. I texted him this today in the morning :

"I'd appreciate if you wouldn't knock on my door. Thanks for the help but that's unessecary. We're not friends, we're roommates. As roommates we're not meant to be close. I rather stay to myself."


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  • I probably would have done the same thing in that situation.


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  • thats slightly off in my opinion. whats wrong with opening a door and having a conversation? what you did is leaning towards social anxiety

    • It's not social anxietty. This is the same man that used to text me daily, play love songs for me and told me he'd like to have sex with me one day. If he was young, non creepy and attractive I would have opened my door.

    • yes, i completely get where you are coming from but in your text you literally say "roommates cannot knock one eachothers doors" which is bull

  • Did he have a mustache xD


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