Would I be a bad person for "dumping" her for a bigger party?

so tonight is this event/party with my group (my class plus another class, its a thing were we do stuff togheter to get to know eacother). But th people i have gotten the closes to aren't party people at all, and only one of them are going, adn she is not going to the pre-party thats before we go... and i kinda want to go.

The thing is that i asked her earlier if she had plans before going to the event and she said we could make plans. So in this group chat with more people she suggested we had out own little pre-party at her house. But pretty much everyone except me have said no.. So i would rather go to the other pre-party with other people and have a more "wild night"(we had a very calm night yesterday and we are planning to have calm night tomorrow too). So we haven't directly planned anything sepsific.. but yeah

But i feel like since i indrectly asked her to so something before i would come acrosss as a bad person.. Would it be awful of me to go to the other thing?

Never mind she canceled ut


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  • yes it would be.

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