I am so damn confused pls help?

I found a very cute and sexy girl wich is my girlfriend now since some weeks, i found out she has a lot of more guys being her bf's but when we talk about me not trusting her anymore she starts crying a lot calling me asshole and says she only loves me and just me, then she just sucks my dick (i just dont stop her from sucking cause it makes her happy and i can't see crying girls) and wants me to believe her then we tongue kiss and she leaves. im not a guy who understands much and im so confused whats going on can someone pls help?


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  • She doesn't want you to confront her about her exes, that's why she is using sex in order to take your mind off of it. Why can't you be happy with her without letting the ghosts of her past disturb your relationship?
    PS: The wording of this question is hilarious.

    • Sry im german/irish/newzealand/russish combination xD im not no good with languagae and thanks but it worries me a lot

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    • ... Her other mouth?
      O_O I really don't know!

    • With her other mouth she meant her pussy.-. Fuck we had unprotected sex thats bad

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  • This girl is manipulating u using sex, to keep you from confronting her.