What to do when bored/free from work?

Im not a person whos constantly busy so i always end up being bored when im free from work. Usualy i clean around The house but its becoming kinda boring. (Thought its often needed lol) tips or advices?


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  • Netflix? some shopping for things you need? hanging out with friends?

    • I dont have netflix though i wish i did. But i know its just going to distract me from doing some actual good so thats why im not getting one. Im really low on cash the entire time. I dont earn so mutch tbh and im at the same time trying to save cash. Also i only have one friend whos shit at answearing when im trying to get a hold of her to check if she wants to hang out.

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    • nice advices! how about a future roadtrip then? im almost done with my drivers license as things are right now and I've always wanted to do one.

    • that's never a bad idea! buuuttt really consider people to bring along with you in your travels! unless you really love travelling in solitude, otherwise its nice to have people with you :)

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