How to gain weight healthily?

I'm 14 and I lost about 10 pounds in the last month! We went to a holiday with my cousins and bipolar aunt, it was more stressful than relaxing and the hotel food was so horrible I spit it out on the first day and never took a bite again. In a week all I ate was some chips, one and a half lamajun & a bite of white Toblerone.

Then we returned, but to my grandma's house instead of my lovely home. I've been here for almost 2 weeks. Most of the time I stayed up until around 7:00 AM and slept for a solid 10-13 hours, missing all meals. Then I'd walk around awake for 24 hours, repeat. I also got my period. I rarely got out of the bed. You'd think I have depression or something.

I readjusted my sleeping schedule 2 days ago and today I had my first meal that wasn't a snack, lamajun or breakfast.

Now I'm going back home (THANK GOD) and I'm asking for advice to gain the weight I lost. I feel disgusting, my legs look so bony and I haven't even shaved since we came back. Everything in my body looks smaller. I'm actually really curvy, but now when I touch my hip all I feel is bone. I miss my 10 pounds!


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  • I don't know if the women body works differently than men when it comes to weight gain, but if I were you, I would eat clean ofc and a lot of protein. Also, do some squats/lunges (or leg exercises). You'll put on meat in your legs, become stronger, and who knows, booty might get a little bigger ;)


    anyways, you can always lift weights and eat a balanced meal that has your proteins and complex carbs.

    • they have it in Didim

      What are those foods?

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    • the best kind of potato I see.

      well that's fine, just snack while watching Netflix lol. you will gain weight unless your genetics prevent you so.

    • Wish we had Netflix here... They wanted to spread here, but didn't find the internet connection in the country goid enough. We can still watch shows though

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