How do I upload a picture here without you people having to click on a link to look at it?

Alright guys
I asked this because I have never really had to upload a picture before, and I finally posted my first mytake on here so, now was the time ^^

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


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  • When you're making a question, there's the option to include a picture in the form of a photocamera symbol. When prompted, post the the link address of a picture in the field. If you want a certain pic, right-click on it and press "Copy image URL".

    Or if you want to post a pic in the comments, do the copy image URL again and just paste it in a free space. by the way there cane be only three pictures per post fyi.

    • Thanks, you already secured your MHO right here. I asked this question because I'm noob. and SECOND, I posted my first take ^^

    • You're welcome :)

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