How much trouble will I get in with my boss?

So I've been working at the same place for 5 years. Anyway in the winter of this year I got written up bc 3 customers complained about me. That was the first time this happens. The thing was I was sick (not contagious) but I could barely talk so the customers thought I was being rude. Anyway they went and complained. Then there was one other time this old lady thought I was on my cell phone when I was on a calculator trying to figure out something out. Well I got in trouble for that. Anyway on Saturday I was texting my mom to bring me some of my allergy medication bc they were really acting up. Well the boss that was on vaca came in and seen then the next day told me " i seen u on ur cell phone. We've talked about this" he's referring to the calculator time. Well this time this customer was being an ass today to me and I had to just take it. I never had my cell phone out or anything. But he came back and complained I was on my phone when I wasn't. He didn't tell it to my boss though just one guy that works at the other desk. Well I'm just hoping he's done before the boss gets back and forgets or will just let it slide. But if he does tell my boss do u think I'll get fired :( right now there's really no one else that can work. Or will he just warn me.


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  • Whether or not you get fired depends on the boss. However, most bosses don't like firing people though, because they don't like giving out severance pay. If they really want you gone, they try and make you quit. So maybe he'll just reprimand you again.

    Have you explained before your side of things in the earlier situations?

    You should really explain your side during these things. It can make things easier.