How do I survive junior and senior year in the worst high school in my city?

My whole life I've been described as a "gifted child". I've always just been really smart. Most of my life I was a straight A student, I went to private schools, and I was in tons of extra programs for "gifted students". When I finally got to high school everything changed. I'm a 15 year old black girl and I'll be a junior when school start's this year. The thing is I spent freshman and sophmore year in one of the best high schools in my city. It was a really fancy school, mostly filled with white kids, advanced technology, good teachers, high security, fancy lunches, and expensive tuition. It didn't work out. I was under so much pressure because I was in all advanced classes, and I did after school work, and I was the youngest person in my class. Plus I didn't really fit in. I was the young, poor black girl in the sea of older, richer white kids. The pressure plus my failure to fit in caused me to have so many emotional breakdowns that I ended up getting expelled. My school just couldn't deal with me breaking down in class, and my grades were fluctuating like crazy, and I dropped all my extra curriculars. I ended up losing my scholarship and got kicked out. So now I'm transferring to one of the worst high schools in my city. It's almost completely black, dirty, and dangerous. There's huge fights, people sometimes bring weapons to school, theft, and drugs. The school posted their incident reports on their website and the list was sevral pages long. I sorta don't know how I'm going to survive. I'm still young, I just came from the whitest school in my area, I'm not a good fighter, I don't do drugs, and I'm not popular. I'm going to be eaten alive in there. I need help. How do I prep myself for going to this school. I've already started planning. I need to learn how to fight, I've got to get maximum security for my stuff (especially my IPhone and IPad), and I've got to somehow make friends. Somebody just tell me what I have to do to stay alive until graduation.


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  • just mind your own business dont get in trouble and study a lot. it will be over before you know it.