Why Am I Like This? Can I Change? Is This Normal?

Hey, Guys. Thanks in advance.

I really don't like it when people touch me (or my stuff.) Mostly guys. Like, if a little kid is too clingy I have to control my temper in order to not flick him/her off of me. I won't let guys touch me at all, but I have no problem touching them in certain circumstances. (I. E. leaning on their shoulder with my elbow, a high-five, a hug before a long good-bye, or aiding them in something like fixing their hair and whatnot.) Girls my age don't touch me, and it doesn't bug me as much, but if they hang on me I get upset and have to control my temper. (I have no problem sharing germs though. I will take a swig out of whatever you're drinking if I want.)

I also hate when people mess with my stuff. I only let people touch my things in certain circumstances. I also can't accept help, or compliments. I think there might be something really wrong with me. Is this normal? Why do I do this?


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  • You're a control freak. Everything has to be your way it's okay for you too touch people but not okay for guys to touch you, and you get angry at children? Yeah I'd say you have a problem and definely never should be a mother that's for sure

    • But that's the only aspect of my life I have problems with. I don't get angry with kids unless they hang on me (or are misbehaving). I don't care if you do anything else, but you're not allowed to touch me or touch my stuff without asking. And even if you ask, I may say no. It's more prevalent with memeber of the male species...

    • Maybe you're a lesbian I still don't think you should be a mom kids need effecting and you can't give it I know you never brought up having kids i still think it's a good idea you never do, if it does happen give it up for adoption so it can actually be loved

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  • Hey, I'd say this is relatively normal (at least for me) lol :) Speaking from experience, I've had a lot of people walk out on me and abandon me so I think it's a natural instinct to want to shield yourself. I don't know if those are your reasons too but I really hope you can break down your walls and let people into your personal bubble. I know it's scary at first but it really is worth it :) I've been a lot of close friends once I became more open and affectionate with people. Just remember that people are all want the same things at the end of the day: someone who appreciates them and loves them. Good luck & let me know if you need any help with anything :)

    • Thanks. I kind of blew up at this guy for messing with my hair and now I feel super bad about it. I was just wondering if there was something wrong that I should see a doctor for, but thankfully, it's all in my head. 😄

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