Ray Rice admitted what he did was wrong, is that why his wife forgave him (suspension is over, my browns might give him a chance)?


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  • Typical victims of abuse have an unstable of mentality thinking that it's normal, which probably originates from their early years. They probably grew up seeing their parents or other members act like that too.

    Unlike the first female response, there is no way I would stay in a relationship with someone I had to even fear for a few seconds. Not only would the relationship be over immediately but perhaps he can will be charges with assault.

    • There wouldn't be a second chance warning with me. It should only be known that both hitting and cheating are straight deal-breakers.

    • already be known

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  • They both want the millions he could earn.


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  • Many victims of abuse will forgive the attacker.
    Hell, if my boyfriend hit me I would forgive him.

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    • Obviously I'd be mad and he's probably be upset at himself, I'd tell him if he does it again or gives any indication that he might do it again then I will leave him.

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