Why would ex tell me this.. Could he be lying?

So I'm talking to this guy in Florida we have great chemistry etc and he treated me amazing. We talk everyday through the whole day usully today I texted him and he didn't respond quickly like he usually does. He didn't respond for like 5 hours. Then my ex boyfriend imed me on Facebook saying that the he over heard the guy I like talking to one of our friends who live there and say something along the lines of she was just another hoe I'm fucking and had a girl over the house. Should I believe him? He's a chronic lier by sometimes I do believe him. He still thinks I'm sexy and always tries to have sex with me and I say no. What do you guys think? Maybe he was having sex with someone else. I can't stop him since he's in another state but I really like him and I hope it's not true


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  • Well if your ex is a chronic liar and also still has feelings for you then it would most likely mean he is lying.

    • I really can't tell.. he does lie about everything and he told me not to mention it to the guy because he would know he said something or our other friend. I don't want to believe him but the long delay in text today makes me wonder.

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    • Thanks, even though I still have doubts

    • Don't doubt, seriously there is no evidence here that should make you doubt, doubting his sincerity will only damage your relationship, if you can't trust him how can you be in a relationship with him? Just relax, and go with it. Good luck.

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  • He is definitely lying... Scumbag

  • Just ask the guy if he said that. If your ex still has feelings for you he might just be trying to keep you to himself.

    • What I'm thinking.. He wants to have sex with me but then puts on a front and says everyone shits on you and I just wish you would find a good guy etc.

    • He is trying to mind fuck you. By playing the caring ex boyfriend roll when he is not

    • Exactly I don't think he is since he still is trying to have sex with me... I talked with the boy and we got a little sexual lol I said something along the lines of him probably having done it with a bunch of people already. He said he wished and I asked what did he wish. His reply was an answer to what was said previously before I asked about the people.

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