Should I tell myself: "Girls don't care about your face" ?

one of the things that has been holding me back from approaching pretty girls is i don't believe i am handsome enough for them, i always believe they will choose only the good looking guys.
i am not ugly but then it's probably nothing to write home about either, i am average height and kind of thin, kind of introvert, i guess i just don't give off that "protective" vibe that seems to be what women want.

anyway lately i am learning that women don't really care about men's face as long as you are not an eyesore?
that in terms of appearance things that women will fall for are things that you can improve, such as, hygiene, hair, facial expression, muscles, posture, and of course your personality, like confidence and dominance, relaxed vibe, fun etc.
(and height, but I can't change that so...)

just want to get an opinion if it is wise to tell myself to stop thinking girls care about my face and that i am good enough for them if i focus on improve those other things?

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  • Girls care about looks just as much as guys do...

    • yeah but i think when girls say looks, it's not just about how "beautiful" the guy's face is, but also rather how "manly" or masculine that face is, no?

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    • no what i mean is, i believe there are 2 kinds of face that girls like when they talk about "looks".
      one kind is an actually beautiful face, like Johnny Depp,
      but the other kind, is a not so much pretty but rather a tough face, like Michael Fassbender, that's what I mean by that, if you look at his face you cannot really say that he is a pretty boy

      I mean, I cannot change the structure of my face to become Johnny Depp but I can probably work and pull off that tough vibe.

      Maybe put another way, I cannot pull off the "Hero" vibe, but I can probably do the "Villain" vibe, makes sense?

    • This sounds corny, but I think you should just be yourself

What Guys Said 1

  • Notice when girls are crushing on someone they're like "Ooooh, he's sooo handsome!

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