What happens if a minor posts inappropriate pictures?

Okay there was this 7 year old on instagram who posted naked pictures and pics of him in his underwear. Then his pics kinda got viral and a lot of people were reporting him, commenting things like "contacting police" etc. Then his bio said "UNFOLLOW, POLICE WERE CALLED"
So the question is, what is gonna happen to this kid? is he going to get in trouble? Or are his parents going to be held responsible? will he be under investigation? Im confused. His account has been deleted by the way but a lot of people kept his pictures and are reposting him. He also had his location on so everyone saw his address. Kinda scared for him..


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  • It depends on his country, state, and even local sheriff or police department. There just aren't many laws on the books for those types of situations. Personally I think the sites should start being held accountable if they continually allow those types of pics up after they know about them. *cough* gag *cough*


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  • I would assume that it's a pedophile running the account, so it's probably a good thing it's been reported. Even if it is the kid posting the pictures, he needs to learn that that's not safe or smart.

  • See this is why I will not allow my kids phones or iPads or what not at SEVER YEARS OLD! If I ever do have kids, they will grow up the old fashioned way. The way me and my siblings did. They will learn to be creative, imaginative and physically active instead of getting into stupid troubles like this. *shake my head*

    • Or you could just block social medias?

    • @Aud_Queen And what's the point of having an expensive phone then? To play game apps? I will not have my children's nose buried in their phones 24/7. I've seen first hand what happens to kids when they're given phones/iPads at a very young age. In most cases, they grow to be unimaginative, lazy and obese. In other cases, they get into trouble like the dumbass kid mentioned here. I want my children to experience life. Playgrounds, hiking, camping, swimming, etc. Not wasting their time and life on their phones doing stupid crap. You should read this:

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if this dee dee dee gets in a stranger's car

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