Girls, Based on my reaction and what I said to her parents, was I overreating?

Kid: *has ice cream on his forehead*

Me: You have something stuck on your foreskin *(i meant to say forehead but accidentally said foreskin)*

My girlfriend's mom: *slaps me and yells at me*

My girlfriends dad: *Grabs my arm to aggressively drag me out of house*

My girlfriend: *Breaks up with me*


I try to explain. They call the police and have me arrested for harassment.

I later explained and they understood and i was released from police station. My girlfriend took me back.

This is what i said to her parents.
What you did. That was not right. Not giving me a chance to explain my mistake and then assaulting me And then grabbing me and aggressively dragging me out of the house And having me arrested when i tried to explain. That was not right. I am shocked by how extreme your reaction was. You could have given me a chance to explain but you didn't. Instead, you assaulted me and grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the house without even giving me a chance. And then when i tried to explain again, you called the police and had me arrested for harrasment. That is so extreme and so unecessary.

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  • These people sound completely nuts. I don't know where are you from, maybe it's okay for your country. But to me that's just a crazy reaction to one word. If I were you I'd be happy to find out it sooner than your girlfriend became your wife or something and just go away and never talk to any of them again.

  • No, you weren't overreacting. They really should have let you explain.