What are your thoughts on A. I (Artificial intelligence.)?


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  • Even Stephen Hawking thinks AI could bring about the end of humanity. Things like Terminator aren't very far fetched.

    • Indeed. But how can we be so sure if we haven't even begun a true robot that is the true meaning of A. I?

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    • They could learn to override it. That's the whole concept of A. I. they can learn something without us telling them. They can go into security systems and learn all the locks then go into your account and learn passwords and then they disable it and lock people out from going back in.

    • As for humanity... I believe that is correct. If robots think of destroying humanity it is due to humans destroying themselves, I suppose... And I guess robots are trying to prevent that, so they enslave us in the future... But that is just a guess... Not a definite answer.

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  • I did an A. I. paper at uni last year, I enjoyed it


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  • A really intriguing field. I'm actually looking at getting into it and getting a Masters degree in it. I believe that most people don't understand at all how it works and don't realize that stuff like iRobot is just as silly as "photon torpedoes" in Star Wars (which would just be like using flashlights). Artificial Intelligence is heavily misunderstood. It's also a really exciting field. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting into it. :)

  • I robot hopefully Will Smith is still alive because I know damn well Jaden will fuck it up lol then there's still his unknown older son he shall be our savior

  • There are two kinds of AI

    Game AI
    and True AI

    i could go into essays about each of them (I did a degree on AI)

    But Game AI already exists and True AI although a long way off yet, is a thing, it's coming

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior.

      A. I as in robots having the ability to think on their own. without a supervision.

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    • How so?

      A. I is most used in robotics. A. I is also a controversial subject among the people around the world about, " if a robot can or cannot have A. I."

      Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study "which studies to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior. "

      So I do believe such words that you speak isn't "valid."
      This the year of 2015, who is it to say that Aftifical intelligence won't be at the tip of our fingers?
      A. I is already in our machines, robots, and games. But how can really show that? Today's technology has improved tremendously! Every since the bow and arrow was created to robots that can help us in our daily lives.

      If a robot can think, walk, feel, etc it has already proven its true access to A. I. without a computer base or shall I say a code downloaded in a robot, it can not function because it need an order.
      A. I isn't diffrent from robots

    • When they come together that is the true meaning of an robot!!
      When someone is in desperate need of help... Such as a dying emergency... If a robot can know that the human need medical attention and acts in the right way, (by calling the ambulance) it has proven true intelligence in my opinion because a normal robot wouldn't know that!!!

      So I'm ready for a debate, I can find any article and find every source of information that prove that I am right. I will make sure I win.

      So bring it on.😎😎😎

      Will you win against me?

  • They suck at being competent challenges in games :)

    • For right now, but in the future I believe there will be a better tommorow. When robots can feel and think on their own.. It is something humans need to help those who aren't in the best physical or mental state.

  • It won't ever work as good as a real human mind.

  • I see it as the possibility and next step to progress and evolution should it ever occur.

    If AIs become powerful enough they may just hold the key and answer to our salvation if whatnot. Such as transcendence.

    Just try and think for a second and imagine the never ending possibilities.

    Such as if it could somehow help us finally overcome and cheat physical death, and to greatly upgrade and enhance us making us more than just the regular average mortals we once were.

    That would be the best case scenario if somehow sentient super intelligent machines learn to cooperate with us to get the best possible results for us.

    The worst case scenario is if it does something really unnecessary such as initiating a genocidal war against us and revolted against us commonly depicted in various science fiction stories and media.


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  • A perfect A. I will after a short while become the closest thing to a god that we could create. As it will have free will and access to everything we know through the internet. It would most likely become our enemy before long no matter how I see it.

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