Dealing with anxiety?

I've been dealing with it since before I knew what it was. I was always worry about the littlest things since I was young but it got worst as I grew older. So now I noticed that I stutter from time to time and I get hot flashes (no, they are not those type of hot flashes you nasty). Many things have happened but recently in my junior year of HS , my face would turn red a lot and I would sweat. I would feel really embarrassed and not want to go to school that much because of my anxiety. It usually happened everyday in one or two classes for the remaining time of school. My heart beat would rise and my hands would get sweaty. I hate how it's taking over ny life and has messed up my sleeping schedule. Since middle school up to now I always had problems sleeping. I would get less than 6hrs of sleep because I would think about the stupid things I did or stress out.

Because of it, I avoided hanging out with friends when they invited me to parties because my anxiety would kick in. I forced myself to go to my friend's bonfire today and I didn't know anybody except maybe three people. Because of it, she made us all say our name and say three things about ourselves. Lame I know... Everyone was chill and I was shaking. I. hated myself for it like really? They are all teens and Ill probably never see them again. My heart was pounding and my face turned pink but luckily it was dark... How can I control it? Im entering my senior year of HS and I. honestly thought of being homeschooled because it's too much but my mom won't let me and she doesn't understand what having anxiety is like. She makes it into a joke and brushes it aside.


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  • I've dealt with that, everyone says "just do it" and tries to relate but clearly they can't understand if they didn't have the same level of difficultly. Then you just feel stupid for not being able to do "simple" shit yet they still didn't motivate you at all. Ultimately it was only me who helped myself, nobody else was interested in helping.

    I'm not good at sleeping either, at this point I just flat out tell people I'm shit at sleeping and need help doing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I've got little anxiety horror stories too. Message if you want to talk. I'm always willing to chat with fellow anxious folk. :)

    • It's sooo frustrating that nobody can really get how you feel except yourself. Thank you so much for the understanding. You pretty much summed it up. Hopefully it will get better through time or by the time I leave HS

    • I still firmly believe that having friends/lovers to help is the best way to get over this stuff but it will get better if you work at it. Step out of your comfort zone a bit and change your thinking.

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  • have you talked to your parents or someone at school about speaking with a professional?

    • My mom doesn't really get anxiety. She thinks I'm just nervous but that's not the case at all. When I did tell my doctor he just said oh you're just nervous, you'll get over it.

    • You have to be a self advocate. It is nervousness. ALL THE TIME. Constantly. And then explain your symptoms that you have all the time and say you want help.

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  • I'm currently in a similar.
    All I can tell you is, it gets better. Apparently.

    • Aww I'm sorry you're dealing with it too. Hopefully it does.. good luck my friend and thanks 😊

    • similar situation*
      Thanks and good luck to you too :)

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