I am having very strange dreams. Even for dreams. Last night was really weird?

I dreamed hearing that there was a big fire in a trailer and nobody escaped. But in the opening of my dream it was a third person kind of thing, I think (I can't really remember this part of it. Then I dreamed some other stuff I can't remember. But then there was this play that I was rehearsing in school for. In the play the thing that I remember the most was that I was supposed to kiss this woman. I dreamed that I was ascending a platform that was stretched around the classroom. It was like a big wheelchair rise that went around all four corners of the classroom. Although there wasn't really any reason for it to be there in the first place just a ramp that rose for no apparent reason or purpose. When I got to each corner of the classroom on this ramp I was supposed to do somethingn romantic with the teacher according to the play. Like kissing her on the cheek or going down and kissing her hand. When I got to the final corner I gave her a ring and she got down off of the platform and we rehearsed kissing and making out. We did this for a while. Then the principle came in with an a-student. She gave the suggestion of kissing our cellphones to simulate kissing in the modern era of texting and such. This would mean we didn't have to actually kiss. Then we went back to our seats. the play called for another couple to kiss and they were going to make out when I put my cellphone between them. The guy laughed at my little joke. But then things got really weird. All of a sudden there was this strong unidentified force that took havoc on all of our bodies. This force caused the whole class to fall out of our desks and get pressed against the desks in front of us very strongly. Someone then instructed us to take off our shoes. When we did this we were no longer pressed against the desks in front of us. But were lifted up but then pressed against the right wall. Everyone was pressed there except I started floating all around the room. Like one of those old Microsoft cubes. the scene changed to a kitchen. There was a flame-broil stove in one corner and an elevator shaft in the other corner of the same wall. I observed that people seemed to be dragged out of the flame top stove to the other corner and down the elevator. Almost the whole class was on the one side of the classroom though. I awoke just as I was about to pass into the fire top stove.


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  • have you been eating anything different, or eating too close to bedtime?


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  • LOL... i read yer dream about it... very interested. just like a movie :) especially this line:

    "Then the principle came in with an a-student. She gave the suggestion of kissing our cellphones to simulate kissing in the modern era of texting and such."

    i had similar movie-like dreams as well (i wrote a take about one of 'em)... but yet i don't have anything to worry about as long as i know chances r they r not gonna happen in reality. :D

    for xample today i saw another nice dream yet kinda weird... i supposed to be a super-hero and i was standin on da top of a skyscraper in order to have a good look-out bout wot's happenin down on da street...

    then after some point and after some successful fights against some thugs and common criminals... a gal who has blocked me here (LOL... yeah!) was being attacked by some thugs. i jumped off da skyscraper and appeared in front of em! her reaction was really bad she was like "huh... wot do u want here? and wot r those stupid clothes u wear (i was wearin a cape like a super-hero :p ) ?"

    after she said this... i winked at her, and started to attack against those thugs... i knocked 'em out all off em! then she changed and she was like " u r my hero!! u r awesome!!! i'm really sorry for being mad at u!!" then she gave me a hug and i hugged her back. after this scene i threw away my cape and we walked together for some couple of miles till we caught a train passin by.

    then da next thing happened was really weird... after da train left i found myself wakin up into a hencoop (a dream within a dream possibly? )... but even weirder thing was hencoop had... CATS instead of hens o_O

    when i woke up an old lady came inside and told me "oh u r awake? u've got to feed da cats"... so i did.

    i was feedin some cats, till after some mins i woke-up (irl) suddenly coz of some pain on my left leg... a spasm possibly? ew... i wanted this dream to continue... it started to get interestin :(


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