Does this make me a Christian, or not?

I believe in a God. I believe that he created the universe, but i don't believe that he is a living being. I believe he is a spirit/life force, who exists in a different state of being than anything else in the universe. I believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah/incarnation of God. BUUUUUUT i don't follow any of the rules or teachings of the Bible. The Bibles whole philosophy is that no matter how good or evil you are, as long as you accept Jesus. But i don't agree with this. Christianity is the only religion in the whole world, that isn't based on morals and good/bad deeds. And i believe that you get rewarded for good deeds and punished for bad deeds in SOME way.

I believe in some kind of afterlife. I don't know if its distinguished between a heaven and a hell, or even a purgatory, or if it is divided into millions of complex layers and realms, or if we all simply gl to the same place after we die. I refuse to limit myself to only one of these possibilities.

I live my life in a way that will land me in the best possible afterlife, no matter what religion turns out to be true.

So what I'm asking is: Does the mere fact that i believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah make me a Christian? Even though i don't follow any of the rules or teachings of the Bible?


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  • Yes. The basic fundamental belief of Christianity is belief in Jesus as the Son of God, died for us. The rest, in my humble opinion, is window dressing and some man made laws. I live in the best way I can.


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