I Am Gay? What Should I Do?

I'm Gay , I am very sad :/
Am I handsome? Or I Am Not Handsome? :) ;)
You think... I married one day? -_-
Maybe I go Netherlans :/
I find true love?
I'm A Good Man...
Why did God do this?
ı am wrong way?
What should I do?


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  • Find acceptance for yourself. If you believe in God, surely you believe that he loves all his children, right? If he does, I don't think he would make you something bad. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It hurts no one. You will find love, and maybe get married someday, if you want to. It's not the end of the world. You are still you.

    • ı am wrong way?

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    • :) :) :)

    • Thanks for the MHO hon :) All the best to you!

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  • Your mind seems all over.

    As for what you should do. Enjoy life.

  • Why did god do this u blame god for something u did how shameful but maybe an accident happened to u when u were a kid and in that u way u get treatment

    • :/ Maybe

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    • @gingerbear I hope u r not mad let's end this peacefully and I don't disagree on that guy he cab do what he wants nothing against him I am talking about the idea itself peace take care

    • Very well. You are absolutely entitled to your beliefs. It's only the forcing them into others that I have a problem with.

      Consider it over. All the best to you.

  • Why are you sad bro? Who gives a shit if you're gay? Who cares? You get no pity party dude. But, you do get a congratulations for admitting you're gay. Good for you. Now go find another gay man and be happy. Fuck the rest of the world. They may not be tolerant but remember their happiness is not your responsibility. You're only responsible for your happiness

    • Your existence gives me hope :)

  • They have support centers every where. I'm bi, so different sexuality are more common than you think.
    It's a support center. Check it out

  • Focus on learning English first before you decide to become gay 😂
    Maybe by that time you can figure this shit out

    • fair enough ! :D

    • i was being a dick but seriously bro...
      you have too many difficult questions to answer, i suggest you dont ask them, and just try to better yourself and experience life
      all those other things will figure themselves out