Why when women are depressed they're coddled, but when men are depressed they're berated?

Ever wonder why men are more likely to successfully complete suicide? Because they're likely to be spat on and berated when they're depressed, told they're the problem and should man up and stop complaining, when women are depressed, they're coddled, told how "special" they are and how they shouldn't feel so sad and how everyone loves them. I dare you to give a depressed man a handgun and a depressed woman a handgun and see who ends up dead. I'm already going fucking insane from shitty worthless fucking humans mind games and manipulation a and total isolation, and when I want help what do I get, a slap in the face, that's why I hate this world, that's why I wish every single human would die, because they're all filth, see, I couldn't get help, no one ever let me get help, all they ever do is spit in my face, right in my fucking face.

See, this website, along with many others, has slowly but surely convinced me that humans are all evil fucking wastes that should die


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  • When women are sluts they're berated, when men are sluts they're praised.

    • Ah, so I see, fucking people all the time and getting called out for it is comparable to putting a bullet in your skull because no one would help you because you have a penis?

    • I'm pointing out double standards. Obviously it went over your head. A medical doctor will help anyone who needs help - a truly depressed person. No one else can help a person with real depression. So suck it up and either see a doctor or get over it.

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  • Your answer lies in your surroundings. Your solution is yourself. If you were stranded in a far away place would call you parents for help or would rather survive on your own and get help yourself. We rely too much on what people say, how they feel, that we lost ourselves. You are who you are and let be known. If someone says stop being a bitch. Ignore it cause this world ain't going get any better, sorry to say.

    • I'd set the forest on fire to destroy everything on the island

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  • You really do have issues. Go get therapy for them.

  • Women experience psychological trauma heavier than men, and are delicate creatures, while men are generally better at processing and getting over situation because that is how they are biologically programmed. A man's body chemistry forces him to focus on reproduction aka sex, while women are forced to focus on security or protection for their potential offspring. Because of this women tend to over analyze everything where men could move on with the next lay.


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  • Are you the guy from that game Hatred?

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