Do you think money is the reason for most of our problems?

I do, i think money is the root of all evil, we have grown so dependent on it, we can't survive with out it
we have become slaves to currency. Money controls almost every aspect of our lives
People even worship money...

what do you think? are you slave? i know i am... i can't even make my own decions with out money having a say in what i can and cannot do

a second question, why do you work?


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  • Yeah, of course it is. Money is one of the things that I hate the most in life.
    People start treating you nice if you have money, if you're poor they don't even bother...
    I think humanity would be happier without money. Why do we need it so much anyway?
    Humans only need food and water, and that's fucking free. We can find pretty much everything in nature.
    I'm a slave too, I hate to catch myself thinking about my future... which is full of material thoughts.

    Good fucking question!

    • @WhatTheHellAmy you are awesome, I agree we have become money worshipers and have sold out our humanity for a buck

      we only need it because, the elite/bankers have made humans dependent on money...
      i am trying to become less materialistic, but its hard...

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    • Thanks honey <3

    • no problem sweet stuff!

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  • I think so. The banks are corrupt as fuck, and people are so materialistic. They work long hours for money to buy shit they don't need without thinking about what money actually is. When you take out a loan for example, most people think that the bank is lending them real money - in actual fact all they're doing is typing a few 000s on a computer screen. It isn't backed up by gold or coins or paper money or anything, it's literally just numbers on a screen created out of thin air - and then they charge you interest and you pay them back. And people wonder why all of these countries are in so much debt. The idea behind this is to turn us all into debt slaves which most people are now anyway.

    As for the question why do I work, I work to provide for my family, that's pretty much it.

    • thanks for sharing
      At least you have a purpose for working that is greater than yourself

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  • In a world where money is literally a problem solver to anything and everything, I'd say that there'll be morr problems if you don't have enough money.

    I work because I have, don't think I have a choice.

    • You are right we don't have a choice everyone must work

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    • My question was not about being jobless
      It was supposed to ask if money is causing problems

      It seems like a lack of money causes problems
      But money is the root to that problem which makes money the problem and the solution to itself

    • Jobless is pretty much lack of money, and if you don't have money it could cause a hell lot of unwanted problems.

      Human beings are just too dependent on it.

  • When you can't pay the rent
    When you have no food
    SeaWorld taking full advantage of killer whales because they are rich and want more money

    All money based issues

    I will work so I can get a lot of money and dont have to worry about a lot of things because money will make sure the way is paved

  • I hate money, I love Power.
    I'm not a slave to anyone/anything no never.
    I'd rather kill myself then live a life in which I can't be the only one in control.
    I don't really think money corrupts a person (yeah yeah I know it does) but the power.. The control we can have over the life of others and ourselves.. It can corrupt us, completely.
    I think I can live without money, but not without power/control.

  • there would be bigger problems without money.. i think...

  • 1) no. people just make it out a problem. money is just a means of exchange. people have been doing this for centuries. it's just that money is a lot more flexible means, than say, bartering

    2) because i have to

    • Thanks for sharing

      I feel you on number 2
      I worked part time this summer cause I had too
      I wish I could do what I love and make a living
      I haven't found that yet

    • you still have plenty of time to make that work

      what i've been working towards isn't what i expected due to a curveball :(
      so my only answer is getting the hell out of the cog

    • Thanks

      And yeah life is never so clear or easy
      I wish you the best of luck
      You are an intelligent lady
      I have no doubt that you will find you way

  • Nope. The biggest problem are superiority complex and selfishness.

    • And where do you think those complexes manifest?
      is it something people are taught?

  • It isn't the money it is the users.
    If there was no money people would still figure out ways for corruption

    • So you are saying humans by nature 'corrupt'?

      i do agree, but its not the users, its the abusers, the people who print the money and control the banks...
      they have groomed us to be perfect slaves, unaware of our slavery...

    • Yes it's the abusers and they will always be there no matter what

  • It's the solution to most of my problems xD

    • I was waiting for someone to say this 😄
      Can money be both?

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    • Well assuming your problems are money related, wouldn't money be the root of your problems in the first place?

      Fear of losing money... Such a strange fear
      People used to be afraid of death
      Now people who loose all their money just commit suicide...

    • Now that I think about it, I see where you're coming from. Money can be the root of your problems. For example: Your money gets stolen, someone gets treated better than you simply because he is wealthier, you're in debt... ...
      You are right. But nothing can be perfect. The benefits money has over power its disadvantages.

  • Apparently it is the biggest problem.

  • I hate money,


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  • How do you expect the world without money and property under fair liberty?

    If there was no money, there would be war. People would steal things, fight over property, would run out of resources, would be difficult to carry other valuable things of same value etc.

    We need food but do you have enough guts to produce it in the farms? In that case you woulwould need to exchange good but cannot have reliable and pragmatic exchange of goods like grains to gold. In that case, currency solves our problems.

    It's not the money which is our problem, but our incessant greed.

    • Would*

      But we* cannot

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    • Pleasure 😇

    • I totally agree

  • Honestly, I don't think it's quite money, but what money is to people. A person that has money just has something that we have arbitrarily given value. I think that money, however, gives people power. To me, the root of every evil is the desire for power. The desire for power comes out in all kinds of forms; greed (desire for the power to have what you want), lust (power to get what you want out of people), great wealth (power to get what you want), murder (power to take someone else's life and to carry out "justice"), all of these things come back to power. People want to be completely in control of both themselves and others. That, in my mind, is the root. Money is just a branch even though it's extremely close to the root because, with lots of money, comes lots of power. In many countries, it's the power to fulfill your greedy wishes, to buy people, to make them do things for you, to be selfish, etc. Because money, unlike the desire for power, can still be used for good things. I can pay for someone and clothe them and give them things because I have money. However, in giving away my money, I've sacrificing my "power" and putting other's first. This desire for power is what, I believe, causes most of our problems if not all of them.

    • Well said, i agree

      But do you think money was ever necessary in the grand scheme of things?
      to clarify, do you think the human specie needed money in order to survive?

    • Winner 👑

    • @Asker: Well, yes and no. In the ideal setting where people weren't obsessed with their desires for power, then people would just work to serve each other and to take care of one another. In such settings, money would do little good. However, since this isn't the case, then people are only responsible for themselves and, if people work hard, they will be "rewarded" for their services through money so that they can get what they need to survive. If a person is hardworking, they'll be able to provide a service to someone that needs the service and they'll get money in return for it so they can get what they need because people aren't willing to share with each other. So, in the ideal situation, no, it's not necessary to survive. However, in the world we actually live in, yes we do need it in order to survive. However, we also need to use it wisely knowing what it's capable of and the corruption it causes.

  • Behold, I am your savior! I will rid you of this evil!

    Just wire the money to me, and you shall be free!


    Money is part of the problem but I don't think it's the root.

  • Could you please provide us with an alternative to money? As far as I'm seeing it, if it's been in use by human civilization for millennia, it's probably a gosh-darn effective tool for trade and commerce.

    And the problems arise not because of money but because of human greed. A gun doesn't kill a person, the one who pulled the trigger does.

    • Do we even need money?
      well now we do

      but i dont think humans ever did, its a system of slavery

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    • Congrats :)

    • Well humans dont need it to survive
      But for trade purposes money does simplify things, but its important to understand that bank noes used to be backed by gold

      now money only has the value we have given it, or rather the federal reserve/other major world banks have

  • Removing money isn't gonna remove your basic human needs, e. g. survival, i. e. shelter, water, food, etc.

    That said, we are constantly creating new desires, which lead to more greed, which leads to poor decision-making and a planet under severe strain.

  • It's something in humans to love money to get luxuries things and feel good about themselves but there are people who r greedy so I blame some people not the money and I don't work but when I will insha'Allah (god's will ) I will do it coz I love it

  • No, our material needs are. Money is just an intermediate. Even in societies where there was no money we would still be dependant on our material needs. Because we are material beings before everything else.

  • Money makes the world go around. It's not a bad thing, it's just how it is.

  • Yeah, I agree. Consumerism has engulfed us all.

  • no. evil would exist without money.

    • that is true
      but do you think money is necessary? i mean can't we just trade things of actual value?

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    • would you agree that it is only necessary because we have made it so?
      also, by using money we have given up our freedom
      because we are dependent on the people who make/control money

    • there is no other way to trade resources.

  • For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

  • Money is easy to get. Simple concept: give the market what it wants and it gives in return.

    However, most people want to do whatever the Fuck they want to do, rather than give the market what it wants, so they remain money challenged. Their basic selfishness is their problem.

    • I never argued that money is difficult to get
      I am trying to discuss if money causes problems for us

      Why should people have to give the market it what it wants?
      Shouldn't people have the freedom to do what they want with their money?