Hello hello. Which car more cool?

Dear our members. Which car do you think is cooler. Which one would you like to have?

2007 Auidi TT
Hello hello .Which car more cool ?

2005 Ford mustang

2013 Mercedes


  • Mercedes
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  • Mustang
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  • Bmw
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  • Auidi
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i think the Mustang is the coolist i have been a big fan of the Mustang ever since i was a little girl

    • I think so too. I think that inside the car. Tall, dark, and if one wears leather jacket. Is not Sexy? Thank you for your comment +1 :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • The TT is smack dabbed in the middle of not the worst handling but almost not the most powerful... It's also outdated now.
    The Mustang if base model is the worst of the bunch... I suppose it'll save you money and is more reliable... The GT is a whole different monster.
    The Benz is classy yet sporty, but they're meant more for city driving not so much for fun canyon runs. It's also the most up to date and newest based on the picture of the models.
    The BMW pictured above is a previous generation, it wouldn't be fair to compare an old car to a new current generation car. The BMW won't be the powerful of the bunch, but it's the ultimate driving machine.. Enough said.

    • First, I do not know much English on the. I do not fully understand. But in our country a lot of car taxes. For example, we call old BMW car. 40 thousand dollars , thank you for the comment :)

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  • What's the Mpg and yearly cost of maintenance of these cars

  • Mustang. I'm sorry, it's gotta be the Mustang.

  • Mustang! Good old American power

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