If we shouldn't stop women from aborting babies, then why do we try to stop?

People from killing themselves? Just like women, its their body and life they can do what they wish with it right?

I'm on a roll!!


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  • Confused with ur question

    • How?

    • What is that u r asking😂

    • SIGH... There's a popular belief and movement for women to have the choice of if they want to keep a baby or abort it. Supporters of this argue that its their body and they should do whatever they want with it. If that's the case then people who want to commit suicide should be able to do so because its their body and life right?

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  • I can see where you're going but there is a big difference between the two.

    Suicide = You die. You're never, ever, ever coming back, point blank period.

    Abortion = You don't die and as morbid as this may sound, a women can ALWAYS produce another baby at any other time. Women have over 200,000 eggs within their ovaries (by the time they hit puberty) and during their lifetime, they will release about 400 of them, so aborting one fertilized egg isn't as permanent as say suicide.

    So abortion isn't exactly something that can be compared with suicide. People try to stop others from killing themselves, because if they go along with it, then their life ends there. No second chances for them (unless reincarnation exist after death). Meanwhile, a women who receive an abortion can have hundreds of more chances to produce a baby later on.


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  • I agrre with this statement.

    But aborting 'babies' is just getting rid of an empty vessel.. It has NO life (No brain activity) until a few months into the prgnacy and by the time it does have brain activity.. You won't be able to abort the baby