Is it bad doing badly in your 3rd year of University?

I took 2 years off, up until 2nd year I was doing really well, almost an A- average in my major, (2 years worth of great marks).

Then after I came back for 2 years, I started failing courses, it was terrible. My average for this term was really low, and there is a 50s grade in there, 60s grades... it's terrible. And it's my 3rd year.

I think I needed to do badly, because now I know how to write exams. The 2 years off was horrible for me. Now I'm fine and I think I just really needed to pass the courses so I can move on from 3rd year.

But I'm afraid I've ruined any chances of law school. I am actually smart in real life, and confident my 4th year marks will yell 'smart.' But I know they count the cumulative GPA


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  • its not a good thing.