My lip's bleeding right now, what am I supposed to do? Will it heal on it's own? Or should I do something?

Because this has never happened so I don't know what I should do :D
Oh and i need to go somewhere tomorrow and I can't just go were with my lips looking like this.. Eww
What should I do? I need help :D


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  • Drink water and use chapstick, before that let the blood dry


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  • By lips, do you mean your face area or vaginal area?

    If mouth: Try using chap-stick, it usually seals cracks in your lips thus stopping the bleeding.

    If vaginal: Use a tampon to stop the bleeding.

    • My lips, on my face.. Guyssss lol

    • Alright, seriously try chap-stick. Not kidding it really works.

      Not all of us are mutts you know. lol.

    • Let me clarify that, by mutts I mean asking about the other lips.

  • what made it bleed?

    • No tell me how do I stop the bleeding, and the bruise?

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    • Nooo I wasn't doing that :P
      I'm not telling you.

    • well without knowing what caused it, all we can say is to apply pressure with a tissue or something.

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