Do you guys annoy ppl?

when im bored i usally annoy people.. call them all names.. like idc.. i just call them some hard words!! weather they are streaming or its on chat site.. i just call them names and stuff until i get banned! last night i was watching a stream and this big lady was streaming so i just called her names and stuff, she was so angry that she had to stop the stream! i felt bad about it this morning! have you guys done this? im sure some of you have.. no need to lie! free to be anon!


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  • I annoy people no matter how I'm feeling

    • lol well ur worse than me then

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  • No, I don't insult people or - even worse - hurt their feelings simply because I'm annoyed. It's very mature and if you are indeed somewhere between 18-24 years old, I'm a bit disturbed you're still acting like this.

    I do annoy my girlfriend sometimes when I'm annoyed but not in a mean way. I like to annoy her in funny or cute ways like lifting her up and carry her through the house or tickle her or pretend to be some creepy guy who wants to hook up with her and stuff like that. I'm not mean to people unless there's really no other option.

    • I don't know man, i just do that when im really bored! its kinda fun but not good

    • But why is it fun to be mean to people? I don't understand why that is fun? Would you think it was fun if I was mean to you? Or what about bigger stuff... if you think it's fun to make people upset, do you also think it's fun to hurt people physically? And if not, why not? Would you find it fun to humiliate somebody in public? Would you find it fun to say, kill somebody's pet so that person gets really sad? I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from because to me it really doesn't make sense...

    • they get angry and upset thats the fun part.. but i always regret Nexy day