Do you ever feel like you want to hug someone of the opposite gender?

I'm a 15 year old brown guy. I come from a family where relationships aren't really a thing, so no girlfriend for me! But that doesn't bother me, because I'm physically attracted to 20+ year olds to be honest.

Anyways, when I watch tv series and I see girls/women that are cute and good looking in my opinion I want to hug them.
For instance annie from community (Alison Brie) or Jesse from New Girl.
Surely I think they are hot, but I get this feeling in my chest that I want to hug them.

Does anybody else feel like you want to hug the opposite gender in a non sexual way?

I never do friendly hugs or anything IRL. Nor do I do relationships as I said before.


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  • I do. Usually feel this way when I'm lonely. Just need someone to cuddle with. A nice hug can really be beneficial in many ways.

    • When you say that, I realize that I'm lonely. Very lonely :(

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