Does the way I act and the way I was raised make me less black?

okay i am black and i have been told by a lot of black people that i dont act black enough. for example i can swim really well and i can ski as well. i have never really listened to rap before and i vote republican. i am also terrible at basketball. now i am not trying to sound racist but i have often been accused by other black people for not acting black enough. like i didn't know i had to act a certain way to be black. i dont have many black friends mainly because of the fact that i always grew up in an all white neighborhoods and went to all white schools. i went to an all boys boarding school. and i played predomintley white sports such as cross country and ice hockey and rugby. i was often called carlton from fresh prince of bel air because i am short (5'8) and i never really acted sterotypically black and i have been accused by a lot of black kids to not know about the struggles that they have faced. well i do i have been called n** several times i have been attacked for being black i have been called ape and told i will never advance in society i have been followed in department stores and have been pulled over by cops just for driving. a lot of black kids call me an uncle tom. because of the fact that my dad is a lawyer and my mom is a suregon. and i grew up in a 25 million dollar home i had a private jet and a yacht growing up. i spent my summers in the hamptons i skied in aspen during the winter time. i had a white nanny and a white butler. I've been to country clubs and sat front row at sporting events i also graduated from cornell. now i am not trying to brag or anything like that. dont think that i am on my high horse right now and i think that i am better than other black people. but i just dont think that the way i act or the way i was raised makes me any less black. i am not ashamed of being black at all and i am very proud of my hertiage and i recognize the struggles and while i may have not faced all of them i dont think that makes me any less black.


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  • Who cares what those people think. Just live your life and be happy. If you worry about what the masses think well then... your screwed.