Girls, how would you react if your husband did this while trying to concieve a child?

He made sure that you were having sex 3 says before ovulation, and also tried like 20 other tips and tricks for concieving a daughter, because he really wanted a daugher.

Would you be on board with trying to concieve a daughter, or would you be against it?

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  • Umm, what other tricks?
    That would kind of scare me.

    • Simple things like eating more acidic foods, cutting out other foods, doing certain sexual positions at certain time, etc.

      Nothing harmful if that was what you were thinking

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    • Yes, I get you. Just don't neglect the son.

      And yeah, now you got me like...

    • Haha, ok thanks for the opinion :D

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  • Life isn't the Sims. He can't eat spaghetti and expect twins. What nonsense.

  • I would be okay with him doing everything in his power to get us pregnant but not okay with him only wanting a girl that wouldn't be fair to our possible son

  • I would be curious as to why he needed a daughter so badly, why isn't he happy with just having a healthy child in general...

    • Every parent hopes for a certain gender right? Its not like I'd abandon my child if he was a boy. Its just that i would much prefer to have a daugher.

    • I think some do but in the end they don't care once they see their child. It's ok to want a specific gender but it's a little creepy to want it that much, just being honest.

  • I don't think tips and tricks will guarantee you a daughter, just stare at your balls and chant "X CHROMOSOME X CHROMOSOME X CHROMOSOME!!!" that should so it. Just kidding I hope everything goes well for your wife and child :)

  • That'd kind of freak me out... I'd go with it unless it got into some really weird stuff but I'd still be kind of skeptical

    • Its nothing harmful. Just thins like eating certain foods, cutting out others. Doing certain positions at certain times.

    • If he wants to do that, fine. I have nothing to do with whether or not I conceive a girl so I'll let him try whatever he wants (within reason) if he really wants to.

  • That is fucking weird.