Can u please help me I can't solve this problem?

What solution would we reach if we solved this complicated calculus problem? 1+1=? I haven't solved this for 1 week :(


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  • 42 is always the answer

  • Not funny.


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  • Wow, you must be in high level math! I calculated the answer, and it is 2. It was difficult!

    But the more important part is that you know why. I'll try and make it step by step so it is easier to understand.
    1.) Right now the equation is in it's H form. ( 1+1 looks like an H). The H form is impossible to deduce, therefore we must change it. Since it is addition, you want to add each number by 2. Why 2? A good trick is to remember the plus sign. + has two bars in it. separate the bars and you get|. What does look like? Two tally marks, therefore we add two.

    2.) Now the equation is 3 + 3 = ? Using the theory of Gandolfo (an old mathematician when earth was middle aged), we can state that we need to first multiply everything on the left of the equation to counteract the evil of the question mark on the right.

    3.) Now the equation is 6 + 6 = EVIL. Now that the equation is in it's right form, we can use pythagorean theorem. a^2 + b^2 = ^2. Sooo.. 36 + 36 = MORE EVIL.

    4.) Now take the negative of everything by flipping it upside down. 9E + 9E = HAPPY THOUGHTS.

    5.) Ahhh 9E, we can work with that. Think of the first that begins with E. That's right -- it is ELEPHANT! ELEPHANT has 8 letters. Take away a letter to accommodate for the space at the end. Now it is 7 letters.

    6.) Since it is 9E, we do 9(7 letters). 9 - 7 letters. 2 letters.

    7.) Now the equation is 2 + 2 = HAPPY THOUGHTS. Math major Frototo, friend of Gandolfo, tells us that too much happiness is a bad sign of things ahead, so we want to cut the equation in half. Now it is 2 = OKAY THOUGHTS.

    8.) And, if middle school taught you anything, OKAY is where you want to be.

    Therefore the answer is 2. Just try a few yourself, you'll get a hang of it soon enough!

  • We can solve this problem by using method of contradiction,

    Lets assume 1+1/=2 ('/=' means not equal to) , then there has to be some number x, for which 1+ x = 2 , since 1, x and 2 are finite real numbers. This means on re-arranging the equation we get,
    and we know that 2-1 =1 , this means x=1.
    But this is a contradiction, thus, our assumption is wrong.
    => 1+1=2

  • Wow its hard maybe it's 124 😛

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