What is the strongest type of weed you have ever smoked or made edibles with? (Name of strain)?

What is the dankest, most powerful hitting strain of marijuana that you have experienced? What strain has literally made you as high as a kite or left you stoned out of your skull. I know everyone has one particular strain so lets hear your best experiences?

The results will be collated for a medical Marijuana study...

Here's mine - So me and my friend once had some Northern Lights that left us stuck on the couch for 2 hours with no TV, laptop or music playing. We were just sitting there staring around the room for 120 minutes straight, doing nothing. Too lazy to get up or speak even, there was just silence and epic couchlock. It was actually really relaxing and I don't think I have ever daydreamed or analysed my thoughts so intensely ever before in my life. I had completely lost touch with reality for about 2 hours solid. It wasn't until later that evening that we realised just how stoned we had got haha!


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  • The stinkiest I've had was probably skunk or lemon kush. Maybe just some dank ass cheese.

  • apple jack or good skunk bud