My GPA dropped again, is 3.57 still an A?

I'm kind of worried because I still got one last year to go. I want to make sure I graduate from HS with an A average.

So for now is 3.57 still an A? I started at 3.80 in the beginning, then it changed from 3.51 to 3.65... now it went down again.

I've been taking a couple honors and AP classes... that's why it's getting harder to get an A and well I had a death in the family too (grandfather died).


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  • I believe so. Good job on all that you're doing especially with your loss. When shit beat me down, I fell hard with my grades. Thankfully I'm back to straight A's tho.

    • yeah I'm going to get back on track. Though I decided to only take 1 AP for my last year while the others will just be honor classes.

    • That's ok. Just keep trying hard. :) I'm sure you'll get into some good colleges. Have you started applying? I haven't but I should.

  • It depends on the curves. Talk to your advisor and don't let your GPA drop down. You seem like a smart person you can do it

    • I will. I'm only taking 1 AP class for this year. I took 3 AP classes in 10th grade and 4 in 11th grade, which I guess I must have overload myself. Plus, I had a death in the family. All of this made it dropped. But yes, that's why I'm going to take it more easier for my last year.

    • Get astraight as next year and take easier classes. Talk to your advisor for direction and you should be fine..
      Keep up the good work and sorry about the death.
      You will be fine 😀

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