Who is in your zombie apocalypse team?

You can choose anyone you want from any fictional franchise. Try not to have too many characters from the same franchise. I'll limit it to 2.

Your team will need a:
~Team Leader
~Weapons Expert
~Speed Fighter
~... and a Guy Who Dies First

Here's my team:

TEAM LEADER: Gandalf (obvious choice really)

BRAWLER: Captain Falcon
Who is in your zombie apocalypse team?

WEAPONS EXPERT: James Bond (too many Bonds to decide on a picture :P)

BRAINS: Dr. Franken Stein

MEDIC: Blissey

SPEED FIGHTER: Spike Spiegel

MASCOT: Excalibur

GUY WHO DIES FIRST: Joffrey "Baratheon" (and we will all laugh and use his zombified body as target practice)

I think I'll be okay. What about you?

First thing I see after submitting this question:
Curse you, @cl_517!


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  • The entire cast of HP would be on my team. You can beat zombies with magic!


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  • aha sorry about that :P


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